Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My very first two

27th of Ramadhan was the day
I pick up my courage and finally asked
What do I expect I asked myself
Maybe some clarity
Or maybe some ketenangan hati

I know it won't go anywhere
A bad prognosis I predicted myself
Yet with my phone tightly on my hand
We started to chat
And thus began my very first of two.

Confession underlying a confession
Make it light make it simple
My heart pounds
As if I ran a marathon run
Oh my oh my oh my I can only say

I stand a chance he finally said
Oh butterflies in my stomach!
But but but and buts
He quickly added
So butterflies flew away
Thus leaving me out alone again

Ahhhhhh it was nice while it lasted

A man with baggage, he truly has one
As big as a mountain I exaggerate more
But what can a girl in love do
To just nodded and to understand
To let him be, to let him be

So my very first two
A confession
And a rejection
In one short bitter sweet night.
A tear or two may had shed
But hey!  How can a story complete without it eyh?

Alas I can finally say
I am no longer a shy Aisyah
I'm true to myself, I'm true to my feelings

Cheer up I will tell you that!
I'm fine I truly am
No need for you to feel hurt
A small prayer for you always and always
For jannah,
I really do hope so

"Jodoh tu Tuhan yg tentukan. Kamu nikmati jer"
 Insha Allah :)

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