Monday, March 22, 2010

mimpi basah

remioromen: sangatsu kokonoke

When I was small, I had this very peculiar dream.

In my dream, the earth at that time, was completely immersed with water. Human lives by building houses on water, or under the water. The earth was just another vast ocean. No dry lands, no continents.

I remembered seeing roads and buildings once busily occupied, became old looking, uninhabited and covered with corals - proofs that it has become a part of the sea, the underwater world.

It was dark. Gloomy. Quiet.

So in my dream, I followed a tour ship (more like an old pirate ship really) to see the submerged city.

When we reached there, you could only see the top of the buildings and towers. The rest are just water. The buildings were skyscraper like buildings.

Now, can you imagine how deep is the water?!

The thought of taking a little dip there was obviously out of the question. Gila ka!

So anyway, the city itself was very eerie. It was uninhabited, quiet and very still. The ship sailed very very VERY slow-as though do not want to disturb the silenceness of the unknown.

Then suddenly, the ship started to dismantled!

Ohhh! Pieces by pieces of the ship started to fall off!

I quickly climbed to the highest poll of the ship! And slowly just like the Titanic, the ship starts to sink into the deep ocean.

ha tenggelam kamu kapal

Now, the scary part was, as I am holding tight to the poll, from an eagle eye view, I could see an enormous-bigger than the ship-creature swam under our ship!

It was gigantic! It was humongous! It was super scary! I thought I'll die for sure!


I woke up. Chataw :/

The dream leave such an effect on me that every time I go into the sea, I always thought there's some sea creature going to pull me down!

Urgh scary.

Anyway after the dream, I do sometimes wonder what may the creature be. So I've come up a few hypothesis. The creature might be:

a. a prehistoric dinosaur sea creature which was awakened by the melting of glacier (global warming. ish)
b. a big big big Great White Shark
c. a big big big viracious whale

But today, I've come up another hypothesis.

It's a Blue Whale!

This thought came after I watched a documentary about Blue Whale. Fuh terasa di-educational kan.

besaq nyaaa

So, 9 cool facts about this magnificent sea creature:

1. Its scientific name is Balaenoptera musculus.

2. Is the BIGGEST known animal to ever lived on Earth!
Dinosaour pun kalah!

3. It weight twice the biggest dinosaur!

4. The heart of a blue whale is as big as a small car and it's tongue is as long as an elephant! The size of the main arteries can permit a small person to crawl through it and logically enough, the blue whale also possessed the largest penis in the world! Ada nak lawan? haha

5. It feed almost exclusively on krill (a shrimp like marine inverterbrae) and are harmless to human (well, the chance for human-whale encounter during diving is also slim)

6. It can live for almost 80 years.

7. It is the loudest animal animal on earth! They can reach up to 188 decibels w
hich is louder than a jet sound (Jet sound reaches 140 decibels. Sounds over 120 decibels are painful to human ears) But due to low frequency, between 10 to 40 Hz, the whale's song are inaudible to human ear (infra sound under 20 Hz cannot be heard by human)

8. The Blue whale is not a fish. It is considered as an ocean mammal. The largest fish in the world is the whale shark.

9. The blue whale was classified endangered species in the 1950s.
It is estimated that there are about 10,000-14,000 blue whales world-wide and the number is still consider small. This is mostly due to human threats- whale hunting, ocean sound pollution (a deaf whale is a dead whale!), global warming and etc.

Cooh eh?

Ohyea, ada yang tertipu dengan tajuk post kali ini? Haaa, hang pikiaq apa ni?

P/S: I edited this post to add some more information about Blue Whale. So for those who read the unedited one, monggo monggo to read again :)


  1. mase kecik, orang pernah tengok satu cerita ni. diorang naik cruise, lepas tu kat tengah2 laut ada sotong raksasa besar yang makan manusia. scary gile. sampai malam termimpi-mimpi dan takut pergi toilet sebab ada satu scene ada seorang perempuan tu takut, then duduk dalam toilet. sotong yang besar gabak tu sedut dia guna jari-jari sotong tu*ape ntah bahasa saintifik dia*

    subhanAllah, besarnya ikan paus tu! tak sangka dia lagi besar dari dinasour. fuhh, super cool! :D

  2. haa yang sotong tu aisyah taw! dia panggil giant squid. Last time memang ada cite kelasi pasal sotong boleh tenggelamkan boat. ala, tapi pelayan zaman dulu2 ni over imaginative sikit. maybe bosan duduk atas kapal kot. sampai kan dugong pun boleh ingatkan mermaid. haha.

    yup super cool. cuba check out pasal whale shark. atau pun octopus. amazingly octopus is considered as one of the cleveriest creatures. menarikkan?

  3. menarik! buka2 wiki pasal whale shark, die tulis : Whale shark from Taiwan in the Georgia Aquarium.
    *nnti aisyah pergi taiwan, pergi aquarium tu ya! dan amik video banyak2!

    impian : pergi osaka aquarium, jepun! *mata bersina-sinar*

    oit, dari tajuk mimpi dulu2, awat tukar jadi mimpi basah?!! bunyi lain lah! -_-" haha'

  4. oke baik! whaleeee sharkkkk

    haaa ain pikir apa? memamg mimpi tu basah pe. ada airrr.hoho


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